Flower 04 plate by Mujagi


Stroll Curation:  

The artist made this Flower Plate inspired by the wild flower on the street. The simple and elegant Flower Plate with height is perfect for many occasions, but it shows its value when it contains desserts.

Brand Story:  

Mujagi studio produces objects with the artist’s heart and soul. Therefore, these objects can be able to convey warmth and affection to your everyday life. 

Shopping Guide: 

These products are all made to orderso it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks until the products delivers to our customer depend on the artist’s urn scheduleWaiting is difficulthoweverwe promiseThey are worth to wait forWe will update you as much as possible until you have them!  


Size: Ø130 x 28(h) mm 
Material: ceramics 
Country of Origin: Korea 
Color: White (Matte)
Option: Glazed White is available. Please let us know if you want them to be glazed. 

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